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The Grand palace Bangkok Thailand

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

The Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand is an actual man-made island. It has many magnificent buildings, and the best stunning temples. It resides on the auspicious banks of Bangkoks main river, the Chao Phraya.

The Grand Palace Bangkok stated being built in 1782, King Rama the First. When moving the capital city from Thonburi (10 km or so on the other side of the river) to Bangkok. The Grand Palace Bangkok is made into several parts: Eg the temple of the Emerald Buddha area- WAT PHRA KAE; The Grand Palace is currently mostly open to the public as a museum, but it even has several functioning and working Royal offices still inside the grounds.

In The Grand Palace Bangkok new buildings and temples were added by other Thai Kings over its 230 year of history, especially from King Rama V (Fifth). 1853 -1910.

The Grand Palace Bangkok was firstly built all out of wood. But then The King began replacing wooden structures with bricks. To get more bricks for the construction, King Rama I ordered his soliders to go back upstream to the old capital city of Ayutthaya. Which was mostly destroyed in 1767 from a war with Burma. They removed all the bricks, The King told them not to take any bricks from the Temples. So they took materials from the forts and walls only. Making the old Royal palaces in Ayutthaya mostly gone. The bricks were sent down the Chao Phraya River by barges to The Grand Palace Bangkok, where they were eventually used into the walls of the Grand Palace.

Making The Grand Palace Bangkok the official home of the King(s) of Thailand from 1782.

The Grand Palace once lived in by Kings is courtyards of countless majestic and all inspiring examples of exquisite Royal architecture through the millennia...
The Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand

The subsequent Kings, and his Royal government were also on the grounds of the palace until 1925. The Grand Palace Bangkok is still even today used for official events, with many Royal ceremonies and stately occasions every year. By 1925, the King and his family, with many important government personnel were also no longer permanently residing in The Grand Palace Bangkok and had moved to other residences.

The Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) in the Grand Palace itself is the main attraction. A figurine of the meditating Buddha made from a solid one piece of green jade, clothed in gold and diamonds. It is greatly revered from the Royal family to Thai nationals alike, as Thailand’s utmost precious religious icon...

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